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Arduino - nfc

ARDUINO + NFC/RFID – quick examples/guide

There are 3 examples that are ordered from simple to more complicated. If you’re somewhat new to coding and or arduino, I’d highly suggest just

Cryptic Crossword Clues; How?!

A quick run-down on how cryptic crossword clues work. Consider the following:  Angered NPC initially lost two, and contracted contemporary miHoYo game’s opening city (9) 

Introduction to the micro:bit

People say the micro:bit is easy to use and that may be true as it is used often in education to teach the basics of

DMX Controller + Lights

How to set up Controller: Step 1: Connect the main wire from the Head Spots into the Controller. Step 2: Plug the Headspots into the

How to design for 3D printing

Hi there, another guide from yaboi Jorick. 3D printing can look really easy and straightforward or a method only for the nerdiest of designers. The


Workshop Intro to Game Design in Unity

Monday, January 10 at 18:30, the Hanze CT Makerspace will host an introductory workshop for students and faculty, and basically anyone interested. Have you always