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Spacelab is now open for all students!

The spacelab-logo


At the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, the Makerspace staff in collaboration with Hanze decided to integrate the Spacelab into the Makerspace environment. In fact, there are big exciting plans for the expansion of this environment for the coming years that will significantly improve the student experience for CMD and CMGT students as well as for any other Hanze student. The Spacelab is primarily a Virtual Reality studio that allows students to come by and try out the VR technology with the two Valve Index Headsets available at the location as well as ample space to take advantage of the best that VR can offer. The Spacelab is also serviced by student assistants that are ready to help you out with any questions you have regarding any of the technologies available at the lab as well as any game design, art and programming questions the students may have.

What can I do in the Spacelab?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Spacelab offers a large VR space that is equipped with two Valve Index VR Headsets. The Headsets are free to use by any student to play some games that are assigned to the Spacelab Steam Library or to test out their own creations.

There is also a 3D scanner in the Spacelab that is free to use for any student. This is a great tool for those that need 3D objects put into their projects as it doesn’t require any modeling experience and it is easy to set up and use. All of the student assistants at the Spacelab also know how to use the scanner and can help you set up your own scans.

Furthermore, the lab is filled with 6 desktop computers equipped with high-end components that are at your disposal in case you need something a bit beefier to render out those scenes or to power your VR projects.

Future Plans

The future of the Spacelab is looking extremely interesting with the arrival of studio grade equipment such as a Motion Capture suit and a studio makeover with proper green screens and camera rigging set ups. Of course all of this takes time and coordination but it is all already in motion and sooner rather than later we will have all this available for all students to use.

There will be 4 spaces for creative technology students in the C2-wing of the Van Doorenveste, namely; Makerspace, Spacelab, Rendergarden and Creationstation. These will all be there for students to have a place to go ask for help, try out new tech or to just have a place to work. Each location will have its own specialization such as the Spacelab being focused on VR and game development and the Makerspace focusing on Hardware and workshop skills.

Essentially we aim to have a place to accommodate every student’s needs no matter what type of project they are working on.