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Control an Arduino with ProtoPie and vice versa

ProtoPie is a powerful tool that can be used for making dynamic prototypes for web, mobile or desktop applications. With ProtoPie you can make complex hi-fi wireframes that use variables, conditions, timeline based animations and more… For this article, I will focus on using ProtoPie Studio (to make the prototype), ProtoPie Player and ProtoPie Connect … Read more

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Water Quality Sensor

Product Overview Use this sensitive measurement board to determine the quality of water based on its total dissolved solids or TDS. Find out whether your tap water is clean, or keep an eye on your aquarium water, and more! This set includes the measurement board as well as a detachable water-proof measurement probe of 60 … Read more

ARDUINO + NFC/RFID – quick examples/guide

Arduino - nfc

There are 3 examples that are ordered from simple to more complicated. If you’re somewhat new to coding and or arduino, I’d highly suggest just trying to make example 1 work before jumping into the more complex ones. I also added some pictures of the setup, but clearer instructions for how to set up all … Read more