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Workshop Environment Design

Monday, December 13 at 18:30, the Hanze CT Makerspace will host an introductory workshop for students and faculty, and basically anyone interested. Have you always wanted to start learning Unreal Engine, but never quite knew where to start? Join Killian Mulders on this introductory workshop to UE4, where you will explore several aspects of creating a believable environment.

Note: There are a limited amount of seats available on location, for those interested. If you want to be taken into consideration for a seat in the Makerspace, indicate so in the form below. We will let you know if you’re eligible for a place before the end of the week.

For those who can’t attend in real life, but still want to take part in the workshop – it will be streamed in its entirety on the CT Makerspace twitch channel!

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To make sure you’re ready to get started when it gets started, make sure you take the following steps! The workshops will involve Unreal Engine, Quixel Bridge, Photoshop, and some (free) packages.

– Install Unreal Engine 4.27.1

– Install Quixel Bridge Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.27.1 (

* Make sure you install Unreal first, because you need to bind Bridge to your Unreal. * When you open Quixel Bridge, login with your Epic account. This should guide you to link it to a program, select unreal 4.27.1.

* If you have Unreal open at the time of binding, you need to restart the client. It will show up afterwards.

– Retrieve the following (free) content from the Epic Marketplace



– Make sure you have a working version of Adobe Photoshop