Creative Technologies Makerspace

Workshop Intro to Game Design in Unity

Monday, January 10 at 18:30, the Hanze CT Makerspace will host an introductory workshop for students and faculty, and basically anyone interested. Have you always wanted to start learning Unity development, but never quite knew where to start? Do you want to learn more about design, programming, scripting, or UI? Do you still need to pass EGD1? Well join our very own Vincent Busch on a magical journey through time and space the Unity Editor and Visual Basic.

It will be the first of two workshops focusing on Unity programming and designing a (small) game that would, very coincidentally, align with the assignment description of EGD1. You will examine and explore the very basics of working with the Unity engine, starting by where what is in the editor and what the different windows mean, and then going over basics of movement, scripting, prefabs, and physics.

Note: There are a limited amount of seats available on location, for those interested. If you want to be taken into consideration for a seat in the Makerspace, indicate so in the form below. We will let you know if you’re eligible for a place before the end of the week.

For those who can’t attend in real life, but still want to take part in the workshop – it will be streamed in its entirety on the CT Makerspace twitch channel!

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To prepare for the workshop, and to have everything go smoothly, please have the following software installed and ready to go:

  • Unity Hub
  • The Unity editor version of your choice
  • Visual Studio Community 2019

(Although it is possible to use different programs for code editing etc, the workshop will focus on the software listed above, so using these is recommended for following along.)

We hope to see you there, either live on location, or on